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ok some thoughts

so Ben C cut his hair, yeah? and it definitely won’t grow long enough for the Sherlock special so WHAT IF THE SHERLOCK SPECIAL IS

  1. A flashback to Sherlock’s drug days and explains how he became a consulting detective
  2. A flash forward to John and Sherlock retiring in Sussex and is like LOOK WHERE THEY’RE GOING
  3. A look at John’s army days and doesn’t have Sherlock in it at all
  4. A look at something else (mary’s background??) and doesn’t have Sherlock in it at all
  5. Just Sherlock wearing a ton of hats the whole time  with no explanation and everyone being like wtf???

or maybe they’re just going to be lame and put him in a wig idk



no words necessary

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Oh look what’s on my dash again. *smashes reblog as hard as possible*


"Do you have any idea what you’ve done?"

Literally I cannot understand anyone who thinks John isn’t affected in this scene. He’s completely devastated.

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There’s an east wind coming.

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"The rest was just…window dressing."

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“I will solve your murder, but John Watson will save your life."

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the saddest gif in the world:


I just noticed what an absolutely ginormous drink John poured himself in order to have this conversation with Sherlock.  

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I’m you, aren’t I?

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me looking at the special edition sherlock box set


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no commentary on hlv either because what would they be able to say about this


or this


or this


and let’s not forget


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Yes.. I do....

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